Recipe: Green kale juice


    Recipe: Green kale juice

    Hey. Happy new year! I know the calendar is showing the 5th of January today, but I actually want to talk about New Years Eve. And the 1st of January. My boyfriend and I had booked a table at a popular restaurant and spent all our evening there. It was fantastic food, amazing wine and one of the best New Years Eve I’ve had in many years.

    Earlier the same day I went to the supermarket. Since we were going out, everything for the evening was under control, but I knew I needed a 1st of January-kit as well. Ingredients for pancakes, bacon, Coca Cola. In my supermarket the eggs are next to the shelf with healthy juice, so when I was reaching out for a package of eggs, I couldn’t help but noticing the selection of juice. A green kale juice caught my eye. I decided to buy it and drink it as the first the next morning, starting 2016 off in the best way possible.

    The juice was good, but to be totally honest, it tasted to healthy. Lacked a bit of power. So I’ve experimented with my own version the last couple of days, and I think I’ve found the winning recipe. At least it’s great energy, so give it a try!

    Recipe: Green kale juiceRecipe: Green kale juiceRecipe: Green kale juiceRecipe: Green kale juiceRecipe: Green kale juiceRecipe: Green kale juice

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